BDSWISS: Join the action "Golden Autumn"

As part of the current BDSWISS "Golden Autumn" campaign, traders will have the opportunity to win a gold bar every week and more prizes worth more than 25,000 euros from 12 October to 20 November.

And that's how it goes: Simply deposit 300 euros on the trade account and then log on to the competition page for the action. This always runs from go to website have Monday to Friday and starts every week. This means that there is a chance for further profits in every new week.

There are several ways to win prizes. First of all, the 250 most eager traders receive a see post say ranking bonus according to their placement. The bonus is between 1,500 euros for the first place and 15 euros for the 250th place. You can see which position you are in under the menu item "My status". This ranking is usually updated every 15 minutes.

Bonus bonuses are automatically credited to the resource my

Those who take part in the special event will also you can try these out also be wowed by attractive trophies and prizes. Trophies are in the form of tin, copper, bronze, silver and precious gold. For this purpose, however, a certain number of maple leaves must be collected:

  • 100 sheets for sheet metal
  • 300 sheets for copper
  • 800 leaves for bronze
  • 2000 leaves for silver
  • 8000 leaves for gold

For each trade of 25 euros, there is a maple leaf and the more maple leaves are gathered, more info have the higher is the ranking. For example, if 100 euros are invested in a binary option, four maple leaves are credited. Whether a position wins or loses is not relevant.

On the competition page, traders will see the trophy wins as soon as the trophy has been unlocked. The following are the main points:


Our recommendation:


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  • Sheet metal: 25 Euro Amazon voucher
  • Copper: Capital Suit Business Suitcase
  • Bronze: Amazon Fire HD 10 inch
  • Silver: LG G4 Smartphone
  • Gold: 50 grams of gold bars

The prizes will be sent within six weeks after completing a competition week.

In addition to there you could look here the current autumn campaign, traders can benefit from further offers and promotions. For example, if you invite a friend to act on BDSWISS, you receive a bonus of 100 euros and the friend a bonus of 50 euros. Furthermore, a like on the BDSWISS-Facebook page with winners and bonuscodes is honored.

The Christmas campaign 2015 is also tempting, with a luxurious weekend in a 4-star hotel in Switzerland being raffled. that extra resources In order to participate in the draw, you only have to register for the promotion and reach a monthly trading volume of 2,000 euros.

Image: Pixabay

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